Експерти от сдружението са участвали в изпълнението на следните проекти:
Acronym: NATouR
Project title: A complete approach for the joint management of natural resources in the cross-border Area aiming at the promotion of ecotourism and the protection of ecosystems
Description: The project aims to create the appropriate innovative tools to promote ecotourism in these ecologically sensitive areas with common characteristics and the exchange of know-how between the stakeholders in promoting ecotourism and in the same time preserving the natural resources of the area. The actions will be achieved by innovative ICT TOOLS such as an eco-tour Web portal that will implement WEB 2.0 and WEB GIS innovation providing an interactive platform and software applications for the basic environmental management. Project Fiche 8274
Acronym: Mevir
Project title: Cross border epidemiology of sexually transmitted viral infections in the female populations: molecular diagnostic approaches
Description: TAim of this project is the molecular detection and identification of STVIs (Sexually transmitted viral infections) in the female population of Bulgaria and Greece, the epidemiological mapping of local prevalence of STVIs and the identification of potentially high-risk subgroups, with the ultimate goal of preventing them. Project Fiche 2424